Pliers - Xuron® Bent Nose Pliers - Serrated (450SBN)

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Capture the Little Things with Precision and Ease using Xuron’s Serrated Bent Nose Pliers

  • Angled, serrated tips provide unparalleled grip and visibility for handling small parts
  • Robust, heat-treated steel construction built to last through intricate projects
  • 45 degree bent tips effortlessly access tight spaces other pliers can’t reach

With tips honed to perfection for alignment and a serrated interior, these pliers grab and hold parts with ease. Now you can maneuver into tight corners and delicately manipulate tiny components without fear of slippage during intricate electronics and robotics projects. Save time, frustration, and increase your productivity with a tool designed to give you total control, even in the tightest spots.

If you need to grip tiny parts with confidence, Xuron's Serrated Bent Nose Pliers enable you to work faster and with greater precision.

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