Pliers - Xuron Bent Tweezer Nose 90deg

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Get ready to tweak and twist like never before with the revolutionary Xuron Bent Tweezer Nose 90deg Pliers. These game-changing pliers feature:

  • 90 degree bent tips that provide unparalleled precision and control
  • Slim, tapered design that fits into tight spaces

With the tweezernose design, you'll have pinpoint accuracy and control to manipulate even the smallest components. The slim, ergonomic handles give you a comfortable grip and allow access to confined areas.

If you're an avid maker, modeler, jeweler, or crafter, these pliers will become your new go-to tool. The bent 90 degree tips let you see your work up-close and personal, so you can tweak, twist, and finesse your projects with surgical precision. Upgrade your toolkit and take your handiwork to the next level with the ingeniously designed Xuron Bent Tweezer Nose 90deg Pliers.

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