Pliers - Xuron® Short Nose 2mm Wide (475) - Blue or Black Handles

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Tired of pliers that can't handle detail work? The Xuron Short Nose 2mm Pliers are precision-crafted for intricate projects.

  • Heat-treated high carbon steel construction for strength
  • Super slim 2mm wide nose for detailed work
  • Soft rubber handles prevent hand fatigue
  • Return spring keeps pliers ready for the next job

With the power to crimp lead wires yet the control to hold a single hair, these versatile pliers are perfect for delicate wire work, chainmaille, jewelry making, electronics, and more. The slim nose design provides superior maneuverability for opening and closing jump rings with ease.

Crafters, jewelers, and hobbyists, say goodbye to frustration and welcome precision and control with the Xuron Short Nose Pliers. The slim, durable jaws and comfortable rubber handles provide the exacting detail you need for wire weaving, beading, metalcrafting, and other intricate projects requiring a delicate yet strong touch.

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    Great quality. Can’t go wrong with xuron, and MicroTools always ships fast!! 10/10 recommend

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