Pliers - Xuron® Short Nose - ESD Safe Grips (475AS)

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Grab precision and power in the palm of your hand with the Xuron® Short Nose Pliers. This slim, ESD-safe tool packs a punch with its high carbon steel construction and anti-static grips.

  • High carbon steel provides strength to crimp, cut, and shape even tough materials
  • Super slim profile grants access into tight spaces
  • Anti-static grips prevent shocks and improve comfort
  • Short nose allows superior control and precision

With its slim yet strong jaws, this plier grips soft wires without damage yet still has the power to crimp lead. The short nose offers superior leverage and control when opening and closing jump rings or manipulating small parts. Soft rubber grips cushion your hands while the spring automatically returns the jaws to an open position.

Crafters and artists in jewelry making, electronics, wire weaving, and other detail work will find this tool indispensable. The Xuron Short Nose Pliers enable delicate precision work with the power to handle tough materials. Upgrade your projects with this versatile, precision instrument.

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