Pliers - Xuron® Combination Shear/Short Nose Pliers (475C)

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Cut through the clutter with the Xuron® Combination Shear/Short Nose Pliers (475C) - the ultimate multi-tool for precise projects. This game-changing tool combines the power of full by-pass shears with the precision of short nose pliers, handling even the most delicate tasks with ease.

  • Cuts soft wire up to 12 AWG (2mm)
  • Strong, high carbon steel construction
  • Tightly grips materials without damage
  • Delivers superb control and accuracy

With the ability to grip a human hair and shear through soft wire, these pliers revolutionize wire work, jewelry making, electronics, and more. The extra strength allows you to cut and bend with confidence, while the short nose grants surgical precision.

For crafters, jewelers, electricians, and anyone requiring both strength and finesse, the Xuron® Combination Pliers are the perfect addition to your toolbox. Stop struggling with multiple tools and simplify your projects with this hardworking, dual-purpose solution.

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