Pliers - Xuron® Short Nose - Serrated (475S)

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Make short work of any cutting or gripping task with the Xuron® Short Nose Pliers - Serrated (475S) - precision tools designed for professionals and hobbyists alike.


  • Serrated jaws with perpendicular teeth provide superior gripping power on wires, cables, and more
  • Flush cutting edges get close to the workpiece for detailed snips
  • Steel construction with black oxide finish for durability
  • Cushioned Xuro-Grip handles ensure comfort during prolonged use

Specifically engineered for demanding applications in electronics, jewelry-making, model building, and other intricate crafts, these short nose pliers allow you to grip even the smallest items with ease. The serrated jaws confidently hold wires and components in place as you solder, position, or fasten them.

For those seeking premium short nose pliers that can handle detailed gripping and cutting jobs, look no further than the Xuron 475S.

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