Pliers - Xuron® Short Nose - Serrated, ESD Safe Grips (475SAS)

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Grip with confidence! The Xuron® Short Nose Pliers bite down hard with serrated jaws to get the job done. This essential tool features stainless steel jaws with perpendicular serrations for superior holding power. The ergonomic ESD safe grips provide comfort and control as you snip, cut, and bend. Grab these pliers to cut wire, bend metal, and complete electrical and precision tasks with ease. Transform your workspace with the Short Nose Pliers that technicians trust.

Key Features:

  • Serrated stainless steel jaws for extra grip
  • Perpendicular serrations prevent slippage
  • ESD safe grips for comfort and control

With serrated jaws that grip tight and anti-slip handles, these Xuron pliers tackle tough tasks in auto repair, crafting, electronics and more.

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