Pliers - Xuron® Short Flat Nose Nose 3mm Wide (483)

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Tackle even the most delicate projects with precision using the Xuron Short Flat Nose Pliers! This compact tool packs a powerful punch.
  • High carbon steel construction provides exceptional strength in a slim, nimble profile
  • Short, slim 3mm nose allows detailed work in tight spaces
  • Soft rubber grips offer comfortable handling during intricate tasks
  • Built-in spring returns the jaws to open position after each use

Designed for detailed work where precision is paramount, these pliers make easy work of opening and closing jump rings for chainmaille, wire wrapping, wire harness assembly, jewelry making, and other fine crafts. The short, slim nose provides unparalleled dexterity and control. Crafted from heat-treated steel, the pliers stand up to repeated use without distortion. Pick up a pair and take your projects to the next level!

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