Pliers - Xuron® Long Nose - ESD Safe Grips (485AS)

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Take your precision electronics assembly to the next level with the game-changing Xuron® Long Nose Pliers - ESD Safe Grips (485AS).

Key features/benefits:

  • Thin profile design allows access into tight, high-density areas
  • Radiused outside edges prevent wire damage and scarring
  • Anti-static grip material eliminates static discharge
  • Precision machined jaws provide maximum gripping power
  • Lightweight but durable construction for fatigue-free use

Unlike traditional pliers, the 485AS feature a slim, ergonomic design that revolutionizes intricate electronics work. The thin, tapered jaws easily maneuver into cramped spaces that bulky pliers simply can't reach. Delicate components stay safe from harm thanks to the smooth, rounded outer edges that won't nick or scrape wire. You get superior control and protection in one versatile tool.

Electronics technicians, electricians, and assembly workers rejoice - the 485AS pliers upgrade your workspace. The static-dissipating grip material keeps damaging static at bay while the optimized jaw design provides a sturdy yet precise grip. Save time, effort, and frustration during detailed assembly and wiring tasks. Protect sensitive components from accidental damage. Ditch your outdated pliers and step up your electronics game with the revolutionary Xuron 485AS.

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