Pliers - Xuron® Long Nose - Serrated, ESD Safe Grips (485SAS)

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Don't let tricky electronics repairs slip through your fingers - grab the precision and power you need with the Xuron® 485SAS Long Nose Pliers.

Key features/benefits:

  • Serrated jaws provide extra gripping power on small parts and wires
  • Thin, ergonomic design allows access in tight spaces
  • Anti-static, ESD-safe grips prevent static discharge
  • Lightweight for comfort during intricate jobs
  • Non-slip rubber handles for control and precision

Specifically designed for detailed electronics work, these long reach pliers give you the delicate touch and sensitivity needed for precision assembly and repairs. The serrated jaws act like tiny teeth, gripping slippery wires and small parts to prevent frustrating slips and shorts. Even after long hours of tricky soldering and circuit work, the comfortable rubber grips and lightweight build prevent hand fatigue.

If you're an electronics technician, circuit board assembler, or hobbyist doing intricate work on modern, high-density gear, you need a tool that won't let you down. With their thin, nimble design, anti-static grips, and unparalleled grip strength, the Xuron 485SAS Pliers will help you tackle delicate jobs with confidence and get flawless results every time. Stop struggling with bulky tools that obstruct your view and cause frustrating slips. Equip your bench with the Xuron advantage!

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