Pliers - Xuron® Chisel Nose (487)

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Open Up a World of Precision with the Xuron® Chisel Nose Pliers

Get a grip on delicate work with these ingeniously designed pliers. Their flat, smooth blades grasp and hold with a sure grip, while the 45 degree angled tips let you maneuver in tight spaces.

  • Flat, smooth blades grip items securely without damage
  • 45 degree angled tips provide extra gripping power and access
  • Ideal for holding jump rings open for chainmaille and micro-maille
  • Tips can pick up small parts and hold wire while filing
  • Precision ground for detailed and delicate work

Take your intricate projects to the next level with these specialized pliers designed for optimal control and access. The angled tips let you reach into tight spaces that ordinary pliers can't, giving you the dexterity you need for micro-maille, jump rings, and other filigreed work. Smooth, flat blades protect soft metals and small parts from damage as you grip them.

Discover just how nimble your hands can be with the Xuron® Chisel Nose Pliers. Jewelers, chainmaille artists, and hobbyists will find them indispensable for detailed work where precision is key. The angled tips provide superior grip and visibility so you can see what you're doing while holding parts steady. Take your skills to the next level with these perfectly designed pliers.

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