Pliers - Xuron® Round Nose (488)

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Grab your attention and get creative with the Xuron® Round Nose Pliers! These pliers are the perfect wire-forming tool for any crafter, with their rounded tips that loop and shape wire effortlessly.

  • Round, tapered pliers blades for versatile wire forming
  • Soft rubber grips provide comfort and control
  • Blades stay aligned and won't cross
  • Great for electronics, jewelry, models, crafts

The round, tapered pliers blades allow you to make precise loops and bends in wire with ease. The blades transition from a round tip to an elliptical shape, giving you flexibility to form wire just how you like. While delicate in appearance, the blades stay properly aligned so your loops and bends come out perfect every time.

The Xuron® Round Nose Pliers are the ideal wire-forming tool for crafters and hobbyists. The comfortable rubber grips reduce hand strain, while the spring-loaded handles maximize control. Take your wire crafting to the next level with these high-quality, easy-to-use pliers.

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