Pliers - Xuron® Round Nose - ESD Safe Grips (488AS)

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Grab precision and comfort in the palm of your hand with the Xuron® Round Nose Pliers.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Traditional jeweler’s pliers with an innovative elliptical blade design for enhanced wire forming capabilities
  • Round nose tip that transitions to an elliptical shape along the length of the blades allows for more forming possibilities and exceptional strength
  • Ideal for precisely forming or looping very fine wires in delicate work
  • Xuro-Rubber cushion grips maximize comfort and minimize hand fatigue
  • Lightweight design reduces strain on hands during extended use

Crafted with the jeweler's artful touch in mind, these pliers offer the best of tradition and innovation. The elliptical blade design opens up new possibilities for forming and shaping fine wire while preserving the functionality of a classic round nose tip. You'll achieve intricate loops, bends, and shapes with ease and precision. Meanwhile, the comfortable Xuro-Rubber grips reduce hand strain and fatigue, allowing you to work comfortably for hours. This is a must-have for jewelers who demand both precision and comfort from their tools.

Designed for jewelers, metalsmiths, and other artisans working with fine wire, these pliers are ideal for crafting delicate jewelry pieces, sculptures, and more. The enhanced forming capabilities empower you to translate your creative visions into reality with intricate shapes and loops. By reducing hand fatigue, the pliers allow you to work comfortably on detailed pieces requiring extended forming time. If you're ready to step up your wirework with new levels of comfort and precision, these innovative pliers are the perfect addition to your studio.

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