Pliers - Xuron® Split Ring Pliers (496)

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Open Rings with Ease Using Xuron's Revolutionary Split Ring Pliers

  • Curved catch tip opens ring then securely grasps it, simplifying installation
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip Xuro-Rubber grips make the tool easy to handle
  • Works with split rings down to size 00

Stop struggling and damaging your projects. Xuron's 496 Split Ring Pliers feature an innovative curved tip that securely grips and holds split rings open, making installation quick and easy. The ergonomic shape and non-slip rubber grips allow comfortable handling even during prolonged use. Suitable for all split ring sizes down to 00, this is a must-have tool for crafters, model builders, and jewelry makers alike. Say goodbye to frustration and let Xuron take the effort out of working with small split rings.

Perfect for crafters, model builders, and jewelry makers who need an easy way to install small split rings without damage. The Xuron 496 Pliers take the struggle and frustration out of split ring projects.

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