Cutter - Xuron® Rise Cutter - 0.035” Standoff (635)

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Have you ever wanted to make a clean, full flush cut and also leave a bit of excess wire for soldering or other purposes? The Cutter - Xuron® Rise Cutter - 0.035” Standoff (635) is the perfect solution. With its innovative dual blade design, you get the best of both worlds - a precise, burr-free cut and a 0.035” standoff all in one compact tool.

This versatile cutter features ultra-sharp, high carbon steel blades for clean cuts on wires up to 20 AWG. The lightweight, ergonomic handles with non-slip grips reduce hand fatigue, even after prolonged use. Whether you're cutting wire for electronics, crafts, or jewelry making, the Xuron 635 Rise Cutter improves efficiency and enhances your final product.

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