Xuron® Liquid Latex Solder Resist 8 oz. (775-8)

Xuron® Liquid Latex Solder Resist 8 oz. (775-8)

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Stop leaks and resist corrosion with the premium quality Xuron® Liquid Latex Solder Resist 8 oz. (775-8)! This natural latex-based temporary solder resist grabs hold and seals with a 10 mil coating that dries fast.

  • Premium quality natural latex formula
  • 8 ounce container for refilling or automatic dispensing
  • 10 mil coating dries in just 3 hours at room temperature
  • RoHS and REACH compliant for safe application

Rover Mask forms a protective barrier that stops leaks and resists corrosion. The latex coating applies smoothly and dries quickly at room temperature or in just 1 hour at 160°F.

Ideal for metalworkers and plumbers, Rover Mask 775-8 gives you a gallon of premium temporary solder resist to keep projects leak-free. Save time and frustration with this fast-drying latex formula made for dispensing convenience.

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