Scissors - Xuron® High Durability Scissors, (no serrations) (9180NS)

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Grab The Ultimate Cutting Tool For Any Project

  • Cuts everything from soft materials under 1 mil to 14 AWG copper wire
  • Made from tough alloyed steel for maximum durability
  • Ultra sharp cutting edges (58-60 RC) stay sharp longer
  • Enhanced ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue

Experience precision cutting power with the Xuron 9180NS Scissors. Specially designed to cut through a wide range of materials with ease and precision, these shears are in a class of their own. The ultra durable steel construction and specially hardened cutting edges let you tackle tough materials without constant sharpening. Say goodbye to hand cramps thanks to the ergonomic shape that reduces fatigue. Whether you're cutting fabric, wire, or sheet metal up to 20 gauge, you'll wonder how you ever lived without these scissors. Stop struggling with dull, uncomfortable shears and grab the Xuron 9180NS for smooth, effortless cutting every time.

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