Cutters - Xuron® Tapered Head Micro-Shear® Flush, Lead Retainer (9200F)

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Make effortless cuts and protect your fingers with the Xuron® Tapered Head Micro-Shear® Flush, Lead Retainer. This ergonomically designed shear is your flush cutting solution.

Key Features:

  • Flush cuts soft wire up to 14 AWG
  • Extra long handles provide added leverage and reduce cutting effort
  • Tapered head allows close trim cuts
  • Lead retainer catches trimmings for a clean work area

With its tapered head, this micro-shear easily accesses tight spaces and makes clean, close trim cuts on wires. The long handles give you extra leverage, so you can cut through wires with less hand fatigue. The lead retainer catches cuttings and keeps your workspace tidy.

Who It's For: This ergonomic flush cutting shear is perfect for electricians, model builders, and jewelry makers who need to make repetitive flush cuts. The extended handles prevent hand strain and fatigue. Plus, the lead retainer keeps your work area clean while you focus on precise cutting. Ditch hand cramps and clutter - this shear improves your workflow.

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