Xuron® Wire Harness Tool Kit (TK2300)

  • $42.36
  • Save $10

Ditch the frustration of working with subpar tools and get the job done right with the Xuron® Wire Harness Tool Kit. This bundle includes:

  • Maxi-Shear Flush Cutter: Power through wires with smooth, clean cuts
  • Adjustable Wire Stripper: Customizable strips for any wire gauge
  • High Precision Scissor: Delicate snips for detailed work

Tucked neatly into a durable canvas pouch with extra pockets, this portable 3-in-1 kit is perfect for engineers, electricians, crafters, and hobbyists who want neat, professional-looking wire harnesses. Stop wasting time with flimsy tools and upgrade to the Xuron® kit today!

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