Xuron Pliers Kit - TK4200 Metalsmith Kit

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Snip, Snip, Shape - The Essential Metalsmithing Toolkit for Jewelry Makers

The Xuron Pliers Kit - TK4200 Metalsmith Kit is the ultimate jewelry maker's toolkit, with precision tools to cut, hold, and shape your metalwork creations. This all-in-one kit includes:

  • 9180NS Metal Shears to cleanly cut sheet metal up to 20 gauge
  • 2175 Maxi-ShearTM Flush Cutters to snip wires up to 12 gauge
  • 485FN Flat Nose Pliers to bend and shape without marring

Designed for comfort and control, these are the perfect tools for cutting jump rings, trimming wire, and manipulating sheet metal. The spring-loaded shears provide a smooth, clean cutting action while the streamlined pliers grip securely without pinching.

For jewelry makers looking for quality tools to elevate their craft, this thoughtfully curated kit takes the guesswork out of putting together an efficient metalsmithing workstation. The included canvas wrap keeps everything organized and secure. With the right tools, nothing can stand in the way of creating your metal masterpieces.

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