Xuron – 6 Piece Permanent Jewelry Tool Kit w/Case

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This Xuron tool kit comes in 6 different configurations, but all 6 have the same 3 pairs of Pliers and 3 pairs of Cutters. The differences are black handles versus blue and orange handles. The other difference is to which of the 3 pair pliers that you would like to be grounded.

Included Tools

  • 452 – Xuron Small Tweezer Nose® Holding Pliers
  • 450BN – Xuron Bent Tweezer Nose Pliers
  • 475 – Xuron Short Nose 2mm Wide Pliers
  • 2193 – Xuron Double Flush Hard Wire & Memory Wire Cutters
  • 2194 – Xuron Tapered Double Flush Hard Wire Cutters
  • 2175 – Xuron Maxi-Shear Flush Cutters

The 452 pliers are very fine tipped and designed to hold the chain or jump ring while welding. These pliers are not designed for forming material.

The 450BN are a pair of bent nose pliers, great for holding your rings while welding. These have a longer tip that allows you to get your hands out of the way so that you can see what you are doing while welding.

The 475 pliers are the sturdiest of the 3 and will take the most abuse. These are also the widest and they are well suited for forming wire and rings.

The 2193 double flush hard wire cutters should be your go-to cutters. These cutters are thicker than most but super strong. If these cutters will fit into the area that you are intending to cut, these are the cutters you should be using.

The 2194 cutters are a double flush cutter that was specifically designed for the Permanent Jewelry Trade. These cutters are not as strong as the 2193 but stronger than the 2175 cutters. These cutters will most likely be the cutters that you end up using the most.

The 2175 Maxi-Shear™ 6” Flush Cutter features an elongated and oval head with extra-tough high-carbon steel blades for cutting in high-density areas. Unlike conventional jewelry cutters, the patented Xuron Maxi-Shear® cutters utilize a shearing cut: by-pass cutting edges slice cleanly through metal.

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