Glardon vallorbe - File Handle Condor Needle (2mm-3mm Files)

Glardon vallorbe - File Handle Condor Needle (2mm-3mm Files)

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The Condor needle file handles allow you to hold the needle file in the exact angle for the most comfortable use. The condor file handle has a unique 2-way gripping feature that is spring loaded. You use the color coded knobs by pushing them in to open the jaws fully. When the knob is released the jaws close down on the the file tang. Then you can secure the tang tightly by screwing the knob down. This allows you to precisely angle the file so your fingers can be precisely aligned with the indentations near the Condor handle end. Changing files can be done quickly and effortlessly. It is really a superior needle file handle.

Fits file tangs 2-3mm diameter

SKU: AL160
UPC: 613548001172
Brand: Glardon
MPN: AL160

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