Glardon vallorbe - Precision Half Round Slim Files - LP1566

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Half-Round Slim Inside Ring files are tapered in width and thickness coming to a point. Half-round ring files are narrower than regular half-round so that it can be used for filing inside of rings. Cut on both sides. Measurements given are at the thickest point of the file.

Glardon-Vallorbe Swiss Made Precision Files are measured from the point where the teeth begin to the end of the file. A 6" precision file will measure 8-1/2" long from tip to end of tang, but it is called a 6" file.

The coarser the file the more metal is removed. Files are graded as below:

  • Cut 00 - Very coarse
  • Cut 0 - Coarse
  • Cut 1 - Coarse/Medium
  • Cut 2 - Medium
  • Cut 3 - Medium/Fine
  • Cut 4 - Fine
  • Cut 6 - Extra Fine

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