Glardon vallorbe - Precision Round Parallel File (L:6 in - Cut: 4) LP1669

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Round parallel files have cut over the entire surface. These round cylinder files do not taper. They are primarily used by jewelers for making hinges and finishing tubing. These files are also used for sharpening chainsaw chains, and as such, are manufactured in huge quantities. Also called chainsaw files.

Glardon-Vallorbe Swiss Made Precision Files are measured from the point where the teeth begin to the end of the file. A 6" precision file will measure 8-1/2" long from tip to end of tang, but it is called a 6" file.

The coarser the file the more metal is removed. Files are graded as below:

  • Cut 00 - Very coarse
  • Cut 0 - Coarse
  • Cut 1 - Coarse/Medium
  • Cut 2 - Medium
  • Cut 3 - Medium/Fine
  • Cut 4 - Fine
  • Cut 6 - Extra Fine

SKU: LP1669-6-2-4
UPC: 613548070536
Brand: Glardon
MPN: LP1669-6-2-4

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