Grounded Pliers - Xuron® Tweezer Nose(tm) (450) for Micro Welding Black Handles

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Tired of working with tiny components and fragile wires? Struggling with projects requiring precision and delicacy? It's time to upgrade to the game-changing Grounded Pliers - Xuron® Tweezer Nose(tm) (450) for Micro Welding Black Handles.

Engineered for micro-precision, these pliers feature:

  • Ultra-narrow, grounded tips to grasp wire less than 1 mil thick
  • Durable, aligned construction with radiused edges to protect wire
  • Strength for detailed wire forming and handling

Now you can take on intricate jewelry making, micro welding, electronics and more with extreme precision. The innovative Tweezer Nose design gives you unmatched control for working with tiny components. No more frustration!

Whether you're a jeweler, electronics tinkerer, or crafter working in miniature, these pliers are a must-have. Their micro-precision tips allow you to grasp, form, and place delicate wires effortlessly.

Upgrade your precision game today with the groundbreaking control of the Grounded Pliers - Xuron® Tweezer Nose(tm)!

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Karen Rumple
Love Micro-tools

When shopping around for quality equipment for my jewelry business, I always end up at Micro-tools. Everything I’ve bought here has always been great. A few years back, I had to return a piece of equipment because I bought the wrong model, so I called for guidance on doing that. Curt (owner) was so easy to deal with. I think he even answered the phone. Great company and great customer service selling top quality equipment. The exact reason I returned to Micro-tools to buy the Orion 150S.


Love it. So much easier to manipulate my jump rings. Ty

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