VanishingPoint Duo Permanent Jewelry Tweezers -

  • $69.95

VanishingPoint Duo is a precision grounded alignment tool designed to instantly elevate your permanent jewelry, jewelry creation, or repair.

Engineered for performance with a sleek design and finish, VanishingPoint Duo allows you to deftly align chain ends or jewelry parts in preparation for micro welding, laser welding, or fusing. 

With fine chain permanent jewelry in mind, VanishingPoint Duo is designed to achieve exact chain measurements and seamless, end-to-end micro welding - eliminating the need for jump rings or connectors. 

 VanishingPoint Duo features:

  • Adjustable arms that:
    • Perfectly align links or parts in one plane.
    • Facilitate precise chain sizing and client fit during the application of permanent jewelry.
  • Ultra-narrow, tapered tips to securely hold fine chain links or small parts in place.
  • Matte tweezer arms with a textured grip pad for maximum control.

Intuitive, versatile, and attractive – VanishingPoint Duo is every fine jeweler’s precision tool. 


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Customer Reviews

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Rolene Mai
Easy to use tool for truely seamless welded PJ

I was trying to weld end to end (no jump ring) and struggled with figuring out how to hold everything in place without a third arm.

The vanishing point consolidates the number of tools needed and makes securing the two ends extremely easy. The tips are pointed making it great for griping onto dainty/tiny chains. You can easily align the ends of the chains and secure them in place. Perfect for sizing or holding it still while you grab your stylus.

I use the Orion mpluse and was able to achieve a great end to end weld. It may take some practice but if you’ve been doing PJ for a while this will be easy to pick up.

No more stretching links and stocking several jump rings. This tool will elevate your PJ and give a truely seamless finish.

This also comes with a grounding cable!!!

Make sure you use argon gas if you use this.

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