Cutters - Xuron® Micro-Pneumatic™ Cutter - low profile (590LP)

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Cut Cleanly in Close Quarters with the Xuron 590LP Micro Cutter

  • Flush-cuts 20 AWG wire with ultra-quiet 50 PSI air power
  • Low-profile head reaches tight spaces other cutters can't access
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design prevents hand fatigue
  • High-speed cutting boosts productivity and workflow

For electronics techs and manufacturers working in dense, high-focus environments, distraction is disaster. Enter the Xuron 590LP Micro-Pneumatic Cutter. With its slim, relieved head profile, the 590LP slips seamlessly into tight spaces between components to clip wires with virtually no noise or disruption. The ergonomic, feather-light design rests comfortably in your hand for hours of fatigue-free cutting. And at just 50 PSI of air pressure, the 590LP zips through wire-cutting tasks faster than you can say "silence is golden." When your work demands concentration amidst tight spaces, let the 590LP increase your productivity without increasing the noise. For high-density cutting where precision, speed and silence are key, this is your nimble new secret weapon.

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