Xuron® Micro-Pneumatic™ Replacement Hose (P40040)

Xuron® Micro-Pneumatic™ Replacement Hose (P40040)

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Put an end to frustrating air leaks with the Xuron® Micro-PneumaticTM Replacement Hose. This high-quality hose assembly restores peak performance to your 590 Micro-Pneumatic Flush Cutters, giving you precision control and clean, smooth cutting once again.

  • Fits 590 Micro-Pneumatic Flush Cutters perfectly for leak-free air delivery
  • Durable construction stands up to repetitive use without cracking or wearing
  • Quick and easy to install - just slide on and tighten fittings
  • Restores full air pressure for maximum control and accuracy

Tired of sputtering, inadequate air flow from a worn-out hose? This replacement assembly allows your Micro-Pneumatic cutters to function like new. The snug fit and durable hose materials prevent leaks so you get consistent, precision cutting every time.

Ideal for jewelers, hobbyists, craft enthusiasts, and any owner of 590 Micro-Pneumatic Flush Cutters. Stop putting up with poor performance and enjoy smooth, effortless cutting again with this high-quality replacement hose.

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