Xuron Micro-Pneumatic Replacement Bellows

Xuron Micro-Pneumatic Replacement Bellows

  • $24.40
  • Save $6.10

Replace your worn-out bellows and breathe new life into your micro-pneumatic tools with the Xuron Micro-Pneumatic Replacement Bellows.

  • Crafted from durable, flexible rubber for long-lasting performance
  • Designed to fit most major micro-pneumatic tool brands
  • Restores air flow and pressure to optimize tool function
  • Easy to install - just slip on and secure with included clamps

Tired of sputtering, inconsistent performance from your favorite micro-pneumatic tools? The Xuron Micro-Pneumatic Replacement Bellows will get your engraving pens, air brushes, and other precision tools working like new again. Just remove the old, cracked bellows and replace with these high quality replacements in minutes.

Micro-pneumatic tool users who value optimized performance and accuracy will love being able to breathe new life into their aging tools with the Xuron bellows. Say goodbye to frustrating, unreliable tools and restore them to peak precision with this essential repair component.

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