Xuron® Micro-Pneumatic™ Replacement Cutter Head, Lead Retainer (P40230F)

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Stop wasting time with dull blades! The Xuron® Micro-PneumaticTM Replacement Cutter Head breathes new life into your 590 micro-pneumatic lead cutter. With this easy-to-install replacement head, you'll enjoy clean, precise cuts again and again.

This high-quality cutter head includes a spring for smooth, efficient operation. Key features include:

  • Fits 590 Micro-Pneumatic Lead Cutter
  • Provides clean, precise cuts
  • Easy to install replacement head
  • Includes spring for smooth operation

Tired of fighting with frustrating cuts or inaccurate snips? This replacement cutter head restores your micro-pneumatic cutter to factory fresh performance. Make clean cuts and smooth operation a reality again. Transform your workflow and get the most out of your cutter with this must-have replacement part.

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