Xuron® Micro-Pneumatic™ Replacement Valve (P40240)

  • $31.88
  • Save $5.62

Don't let a faulty valve stop your precision cutting. The Xuron® Micro-PneumaticTM Replacement Valve (P40240) delivers the air pressure you need for flawless flush cuts every time.

  • Compatible with 590 Micro-Pneumatic Flush Cutters
  • Easy to install and replace worn valves
  • Maintains optimal air pressure for smooth, accurate cuts
  • Enables effortless cutting control

This replacement valve restores air pressure in your Micro-Pneumatic cutters, so you can make clean, burr-free cuts with minimal hand fatigue. The valve regulates airflow to give you total control over each cut, preventing distortion of soft metals. For jewelers, hobbyists, and craftsmen who rely on Xuron's patented cutting system, this valve keeps your cutters performing like new.

With the Xuron® Replacement Valve, you can cut with confidence once again. Breathe new life into your 590 cutters and enjoy the ultimate cutting experience.

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